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Bynder Product Update April 2021

April 2021

We’ve got some exciting new updates we’ve been working on that we think you’ll find useful, and make your Bynder experience even better.

These features will be made available by Monday, April 19, 2021 at 3 PM CET.

Digital Asset Management

Dynamic Asset Transformation - DAM

Optimize your website performance and increase engagement to deliver the best possible digital experience to your website visitors by leveraging Dynamic Asset Transformations (DAT). 

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Digital Brand Templates

Image Masks - Digital Brand Templates

Admins can set masks on a template within the template editor, enabling transparent images to be used as masks where images can be moved and scaled within that mask.

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Unlink Layers - Digital Brand Templates

Admins can link or unlink layers for templates within the template editor.

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Instant Preview: Batch Scenes - Studio

End users can preview each scene in real-time while creating videos in batch.

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GIF Support - Studio

Videos can be exported to GIF format. Multiple presets are available that are optimized for loop or no loop and different color depths.

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Brand Guidelines

Image Hyperlink - Brand Guidelines

To provide an even more visual experience to your users, you are now able to add a link behind images embedded into a guidelines page.

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Bullet Points Uniformization - Brand Guidelines

Another step towards an even cleaner guidelines page design by aligning bullet points styling to text styling on the guidelines page. 

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Update Taxonomy via the API - API

You are now able to add and remove metaproperty options in two separate API calls which results in better performance when making changes to your taxonomy via the API. This is especially useful when syncing your DAM with adjacent technology like a PIM where product info gets synchronized regularly. 

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Upload into Workflow - API

When kicking off workflow jobs via the API you can now also upload files like briefing forms to them.

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New Stibo Systems Connector - Integrations

Having full control over your product information is crucial for creating engaging digital experiences for customers across all channels. Streamline your product enrichment process by matching assets and metadata from Bynder to the right products in Stibo and sending product information from Stibo back to Bynder. 

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Adobe CC Connector Enhancement - Integrations

Creatives can now sort search results based on the asset’s filename when using Bynder’s Adobe Creative Cloud Connector, making it easier and faster to find the assets they’re looking for. Update to the latest version to take advantage of this and previous updates.

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SDL Tridion Connector Enhancement - Integrations

The connector now supports video and documents, enhancing the types of files that can be used within SDL across digital channels. Update to the latest version to take advantage of this and previous updates.  

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