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Bynder Product Update May 2021

May 2021

We’ve got some exciting new updates we’ve been working on that we think you’ll find useful, and make your Bynder experience even better. 

These features will be made available by Monday, May 31, 2021 at 3 PM CET.


New Navigation - Creative Workflow

Enjoy a more consistent UX across the Bynder platform. We're now rolling out the familiar sidebar experience into Creative Workflow.

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Brand Guidelines

Guide Grouping - Brand Guidelines

When managing multiple brands, regions, or departments, you’re now able to group their guides accordingly for a clearer overview. This improvement marks the first step towards multi-brand portals, so stay tuned for more.

Contact your CSM to learn more.

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Moving Chapters - Brand Guidelines

Editing chapters within a guide is now as easy as ordering pages. Enjoy a seamless editing experience with Brand Guidelines.

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Digital Brand Templates

Text Styles: Font Options - Digital Brand Templates

Admins can now configure text elements and allow users to choose from a list of font options, making  localization easier while customizing creations.

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Personal Uploads - Digital Brand Templates

For added flexibility and customization, admins can now grant users permission to upload assets from their computer in addition to using assets stored in Bynder.

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Integrations - Integrations

By integrating the automatic tagging tool with Bynder, fashion retailers can generate rich, accurate fashion tags for better product discovery and replace manual and time-consuming tagging with artificial intelligence.

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