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EMRAYS Integration

With the EMRAYS integration you can instantly analyze your Bynder assets to determine which assets will perform best with the sentiment you want convey in your content. EMRAYS uses their powerful AI with built-in human intuition to help marketers and content creators to make better and faster decisions on what images to use in their content.

Are you a content creator and would you like to know how which images in your Bynder DAM will be most impactful? Check out the integration below and start choosing the right image for your content creation.

Tell me More About the EMRAYS Integration

The EMRAYS integration leverages a powerful AI to analyze your image assets and rank them by (social) impact or similarity. Depending on which social impact you're looking for (positivity, wow or fun) the integration will rank your selection of image assets from high to low impact. Alternatively, you can also define your own models, so that you can have custom rankings implemented.

Do you have a selection of assets that you need to chose one image from but are you not exactly sure what impact you're looking for? You may have an existing image in your DAM that visualizes and expresses the message you want to send out. EMRAYS can compare this image with a selection of assets and show which images from this selection have the most similar impact. This allows you to find images with a similar impact across the entire DAM.

How to Enable the EMRAYS Integration?

Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager if you would like to have the EMRAYS integration enabled for your portal. Once the integration has been enabled, you'll receive a URL to log in to the integration.

How to Use the EMRAYS Integration?

  1. Log in to the EMRAYS integration by using the URL we've provided you with. The Compact View will open. If your company's Bynder portal URL is already filled in in the pop-up, click Connect. If not, enter the URL in the below format. A popup will open, which allows you to log in to your Bynder environment.
  2. Check out the available options below.

How to Analyze the Social Impact of Your Bynder Image Assets?
  1. Select the images you want EMRAYS to analyze in the  Compact View and click Add assets. EMRAYS will load the assets and show the thumbnails in a comparison screen.

  2. Rank the images by the preferred social impact positivity, wow factor or fun and rank them by low or high intensity by clicking these options in the top bar.

Based on your selected criteria the integration will show you the images with the most impact.

How to Find Similar Ranking Bynder Image Assets?

Are you not exactly sure what asset you're looking for? Follow the steps below if you want to find images with an impact similar to an existing image in your DAM.

  1. Select the images in the Compact View that you want to compare and click Add assets. Make sure this selection includes the base image as well as the images you want to compare. EMRAYS will load the assets and show the thumbnails in a comparison screen.

  2. Select your base image and click the Similarity Ranking button in the top bar.

The other images in your selection will now be compared with your base image and ranked by a similar impact.

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