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GraphCMS Integration

GraphCMS is the first GraphQL native Headless CMS. With their API-first CMS you can build, enrich, unify, and deliver your content across platforms. Would you like to use your Bynder assets in GraphCMS? Save yourself time and instead of uploading your assets twice, add your Bynder assets directly to your GraphCMS content using the GraphCMS integration.

By making use of the Bynder reference URLs the integration ensures that the latest version of your Bynder asset is always reflected in your GraphCMS content. Once you've uploaded a new asset version to Bynder the latest version will be automatically available in GraphCMS.

The integration is built, maintained and supported by GraphCMS.

How to Enable the GraphCMS Integration?

Reach out to GraphCMS if you're interested in using the integration. They'll be happy to further assist you.

How to Install and Configure the GraphCMS Integration?

Read more about installing and configuring the GraphCMS Integration here.


Do you want to learn more about GraphCMS?

Check out all their documentation here.

How to Add Bynder Assets to Your GraphCMS Content?

Follow the steps below to add Bynder assets to your GraphCMS content

  1. Go to content_graph_cms.pngContent and click + Create item to create a new content item or edit an existing item.

  2. Click Choose asset from Bynder in the Bynder section. The Compact View will open.

  3. Click Open Compact View. The Compact View will open. If your company's Bynder portal URL is already filled in in the pop-up, click Connect. If not, enter the URL in the below format. A popup will open, which allows you to log in to your Bynder environment.
  4. Log in to the portal the usual way.

  5. In the Asset tab use the filter bar or search bar to filter and search for the assets you need. Select the files(s) you need and click Add media to add the asset(s) to your GraphCMS page. In the Collection tab select the collection that you want to add or click the collection and select the file(s) you want to add. Click Add media to add the asset(s) to your GraphCMS page.

  6. Use the dropdown at the bottom of the Compact View to select whether you want to add the original file or one of the available public derivatives.


    • The asset needs to be marked as public in order for the original file to be available.

    • The dropdown is only available when adding a single asset.

  7. Click Save to save your changes.

  8. (Optional) Click Publish to publish your changes.

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