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Mobius Labs SDK

Mobius Labs developed a next-gen AI solution called Superhuman Vision™. Their technology can automatically tag your assets with relevant information. The SDK can find physical and conceptual elements in your image and video assets. Mobius Labs also offers facial recognition and can identify individuals and their expressions in your assets. Do you want to learn more about Superhuman Vision™? Check it out here

Safe yourself time and let Mobius Labs automatically enrich your Bynder assets by tagging them with the right conceptual keywords, photographic elements and names. Learn everything about using the SDK in combination with Bynder below.

Tell me More About the Mobius Labs SDK

With the AI-powered Superhuman Vision™ solution of Mobius Labs you can automatically enrich your image and video assets with relevant tags. After upload the SDK tags your assets with conceptual keywords, photographic elements and names. Their facial recognition can recognize up to 12000 well-known faces of politicians, actors, musicians, athletes and other celebrities. Once a face is recognized the Bynder asset will be tagged with the appropriate name.

You can also add your own selection of faces to the Identity Database of Mobius Labs, so that your employees, (fashion) models or other people inside your photos can be tagged automatically. This makes it easier to find your content as you can apply the tag of person as a search filter to find the assets they're tagged in.

Additionally, you can also add your own concepts. This can be useful when you have unique products or unique aesthetics as part of your brand identity. In Mobius Labs you can upload your own picture and tag it with custom keywords. The system will show other images that match the same concept. You can indicate which images should have a positive reference with this concept and which images shouldn't be part of the concept. Mobius Labs trains their algorithm based on your input and will be able to recognize this concept un uploaded assets moving forward.

In order to give you full control over your data privacy Mobius Labs designed the SDK as an on premise solution. This means that the SDK needs to be installed on your own server.

How to Enable the Mobius Labs SDK?

The Mobius Labs SDK is a paid on premise solution, which needs to be installed on your own server.

Contact your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to use the Mobius Labs SDK. Your Customer Success Manager will be happy to further assist you.

How to Install the Mobius Labs SDK?

Mobius Labs will provide you with installation instructions. You can read more about their platform here.

How to Configure the Mobius Labs SDK?

How to Add Custom Faces to the Identity Database?

Read more about adding custom faces to the Identity Database of Mobius Labs here.

How to Add Custom Concepts?

Read more about adding custom concepts here.

How to Use the Mobius Labs SDK?

Once the Mobius Labs SDK is set up and configured correctly you can simply upload your assets to Bynder. The Mobius Labs SDK will be initiated after upload once the assets have been successfully saved to the Asset Bank. The tags will become available under Tags in the Asset Detail view of your assets.


The Mobius Labs tags aren't visible in the upload screen. They'll be available after upload.

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