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Bynder’s 2021 Product Wrap-Up: A year filled with new features!

2021 was a big year for product innovation at Bynder. With a focus on some key themes - consistency across the platform and modules, performance and usability, enabling new use cases and functionality, and connecting the ecosystem, we brought a multitude of new features and additional offerings to our customers.

Looking across the areas we play - the creation, management, and distribution of creative content - here are some of the things we are most proud of.


  • Extending ability to create videos and digital content at scale

    • Studio (VBS): In 2021, we established an integration with Bynder DAM to be able to use DAM assets in VBS creations, plus added functionality for ease and speed of creation.

    • Digital Brand Templates (DBT): We continued to add functionality to increase design customization and flexibility for more on-brand creations in DBT.

  • Making the creative process smoother

    • Creative Workflow: We focused on making the module easier to use, navigate, and work through the creative process faster. Some notable additions include bulk actions (approve, reject, delete etc. across multiple assets in a job) and being able to set an Out of Office to handover projects.


  • Enhanced performance and usability across platform (including mobile) and improved search

    • Digital Asset Management (DAM): Focused on easier and faster searching as well as performance and consistency across the platform.

    • Mobile App: Enhancements to the mobile experience to behave more similarly to the web application.

    • Brand Guidelines: Ease of use (including drag and drop to change the order of pages and chapters), theming of guides to better support brands, plus released a new Enterprise package and functionality for managing guidelines for multiple brands.


  • Extending assets reach into the digital ecosystem

    • Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT): Introduced DAT to automatically serve the most optimal images across channels for improved web performance and increased speed of execution.

    • Integrations: Increased offerings with 13 new integrations on our marketplace, plus enhancements to many existing connectors.