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Bynder Product Update April 2022

April 2022

As a valued Bynder customer, we wanted to let you know about some upcoming updates that’ll make your Bynder experience even better. We’ve outlined the updates below, which will be made available by Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 at 3 PM CET.

To find out more information about the features included in this release, simply click the Learn More button within each section.

Brand Guidelines

Access to Chapters & Pages

Brand Guidelines sharing options are now more granular. For every user/user group/permission profile you share a Page or Chapter, users can assign a different level of access.

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Creative Workflow

See the exact date and time each asset was uploaded

Because of the time stamping, users can maximize efficiency by enhancing the handling process and decreasing the time spent on finding the right uploaded assets.

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Video Brand Studio

Dynamic Scene Length

With this new functionality, VBS allows Content Creators to adjust the video duration based on selected source videos. With it, users can now build video templates with ‘talking heads’ and modify existing videos by adding a logo, watermark, end card, sound relay, etc. 

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New Gallery Templates

We now offer pre-designed video templates, which Designers can use and adapt to their own branding or needs.

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Update the approval email

Adding a link that takes you to the waiting room makes it easier to get straight to the assets awaiting approval. As long as you’re already logged in, clicking the link will take you directly to the waiting room where you can approve the assets shared with you.  

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Download Derivatives Option for iOS

As of now, our iOS users can download not only the original but also the derivatives of an asset from the detailed asset screen. 

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Text Search in Adobe Illustrator files

DAM users can now search for a keyword in the text of .ai files. Now they can spend less time searching and more time designing. 

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Unified Header across the Bynder Suite

We are introducing one unified header for consistency and ease of use across all Bynder modules. This helps to improve performance and navigation experience for our users.   

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Dynamic Asset Transformations

New DAT for a complete ecosystem

We are introducing some great new updates to our DAT functionality. We are adding two new transformations based on clipping path, new, improved UI, and the ability to scale transformations using presets. Therefore, DAT now supports a larger number of use cases such as CMS, e-commerce, marketing automation, etc.  

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Integrations Improvements

This cycle we introduce two improvements to our integrations. For UCV access tokens can now be provided via configuration, allowing users to bypass the regular login flow. And for our WordPress integration we now support Featured Image for customers utilizing UCV, which allows users to select a consistent representative image for posts, pages, or custom post types.

Learn more about the Universal Compact View

New Connectors

We continue to work with our partner community to offer new possible integration points across the ecosystem. This cycle, we are including a new Partner connector from Induxx to integrate with Akeneo PIM Community Edition as well as an integration with Figma by our parter Figmage.

Click here to learn more about the Akeneo integration and click here to learn more about the Figmage integration.


GatherContent joins the Bynder family!

With the acquisition of GatherContent, Bynder adds collaborative workflow and editorial processes for structured content creation capabilities to its unique, centralized platform to empower teams across industries to easily manage the entire content creation lifecycle.

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