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Content Workflow set-up and configuration

The Content Workflow module allows you to create structured text content, and use all of your image assets from Bynder DAM or Webdam within this content. This means you can easily can create something like an article or a web-page, including both text and images, and collaborate on it in one place.

The addition of a customisable approval workflow, and re-usable templates, will allow you to wrap up content projects in a fraction of the time, knowing that your content meets your requirements.

There are just a few key features to set-up, to make sure you get the most from this module.

Allowing access to the Content Workflow module

To configure access to Content Workflow, you should go to "Users & Rights" in your Bynder portal, and enable the permission "Can access content workflow" for any role that you wish to have access. Following this they will see a link to content workflow appear in the main navigation.


The first thing you see when you open the module, is a list of all of the projects you have access to. Projects can be used to organize and group your different initiatives. You might have a project to manage "Articles" and another to manage "Email campaigns", for example.


Folders are used to organize content within a project. You can set-up a tree structure with multiple levels to help keep everything nice and neat.


Items are single pieces of content. For example, an item might be a single web page you are working on, or it could be an email, or an article.


Templates are used to help save time when creating new items. A template determines the different fields of content that are required on an item. A simple template might be for an email, and could include a "subject line" field, and an "email body" field. Fields can be customised to include different rules and guidelines. This makes it easy to ensure content always meets the same requirements, and it also helps authors and contributors know what is expected.

Approval workflows

You can configure an approval workflow in every project. This includes different steps that content has to go through as part of its production process. A simple workflow might be as straight-forward as "Draft", "Review" and "Approved".

Using assets in items

To use an asset in an item, you can click on an "Asset field" or also select to add an image directly in a text field by clicking the image icon when you are writing some text. This will open a window which will allow you to select any image from your Bynder dam. Note: If you are using the Dynamic Asset Transformation module, you will be able to customise images in text fields, adding custom transformations.

Exporting content

When you are ready to export content, you can use one of our integrations to publish it directly to other systems, such as your content management system (CMS). Alternatively, you can use our API to build custom integrations, or finally you can also use the out-of-the-box export formats (Word, HTML, or CSV) to download the content directly.