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Collections in Brand Guidelines

Collections allow you to easily group assets together into one central location. They can be added to Pages within Brand Guidelines to quickly and easily share a group of related brand assets to your users.

Learn more about Collections here.

Adding collections to Brand Guidelines

  1. Navigate to the Brand Guidelines page where you want to add the collection.

  2. Click the Edit Guide button, then the + icon to add a section.

  3. Select the + icon to add a widget and click the collection_embed_button.pngbutton to embed a collection. You will see an overview with collections you can embed. You can use the search bar at the top of the popup to find the collection you're looking for. Hover over the collection you want to select and tick the checkmark.

  4. Click Add collection.


    Make sure that the embed code is available for the embedded collection. Learn more about creating the embed code here.

  5. By default, 4 asset thumbnails are shown in the collection widget. Hover over the collection widget and click the Screen_Shot_2022-08-25_at_4_19_37_PM.png icon to select a different number of thumbnails to display. You can only select the values that are lower than the number of assets inside the collection. Values that are higher than the number of assets in the collection will be greyed-out.

  6. To replace the inserted collection with another one - click on the collection and select another one from the collection picker.

Learn more about modifying, deleting, or moving collections and other content in Brand Guidelines Pages.

View and download collections in Brand Guidelines

  1. To see all the assets in a collection, click on the last thumbnail to expand the collection view.

    1. To collapse the collection view and only show assets configured in the default collection view, click the Show less button.

  2. Click on a specific asset within a collection to preview it in the Asset Bank.

  3. Click the Download collection button to download all the assets within that collection at once. This will download a zip file containing all assets with their respective derivatives.

  4. Download individual assets from the embedded collection by hovering over an asset and clicking on the download_android.png download asset button. This will download a zip file containing available derivatives of that asset or a single file if no generic derivatives are available (e.g. PDF).