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Brand Colors in Studio

Create a consistent and accelerated creation process by setting Brand Colors in Studio. Brand colors allow you to automatically apply your preferred color palette when using any type of element that has a color property assigned to it, such as shapes, lines, etc.

Who can set Brand Colors?

Studio Admin

How to set up Brand Colors in Studio

  1. Navigate to Studio.

  2. Select Brand Colors in the left sidebar.

    • If you have not yet set up brand colors no colors will appear.

  3. Click Add color palette located on the upper right corner.

  4. Name your Color palette and click Create color palette.

  5. Click + Add color Enter the Name and add the Hex code and/or Alpha channel to select a transparency.

  6. Click Create color.

  7. Repeat the above step to add additional colors.

How to Edit or Delete Brand Colors

  1. Navigate to Studio.

  2. Click Brand Colors in the left sidebar.

  3. Rename or delete a color palette: Hover over the color palette and click three_dots.pngthen select Rename or Delete.

  4. Edit or delete a color within a color palette: Select the color palette. Click three_dots.pngnext to the color, then select Edit color or Delete.

  5. Reorder: To change the order of the colors in your color palette, hold down the three_dots.png icon and drag the colors to reorder.

  6. Rename: To rename the color palette, hover over the color palette and click three_dots.png to either rename or delete color palette.


    If you update a color used in a design, any element using that color will automatically update to the new color. . However, to apply the changes to the existing content variations, the design needs to be republished.

Using Brand Colors

  1. Once you have set up your brand colors, navigate to all designs.

  2. Select a New or Existing Design.

  3. Select a Shape, Text element, or navigate to the Background color under the global settings.

  4. Select studio_fill_icon.png icon next to the Fill or Border or Background color. Browse or search for the color palette that you’d like to use.

  5. Select the color you would like to use.

    • If you would like to change the color, click here three_dots.pngand select Detach Color. You are now able to update the opacity or change the HEX completely.



    Designs must be saved or published to retain brand colors changes applied.


If I delete a color palette, will any of my projects be affected?

Yes, if you delete a color that is used in a design, it will unlink and be deleted from the project. The color in the design will default back to the original color value.