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Delivery Metrics: Asset Level Report

Delivery Metrics provides detailed analytics and insights on the usage of your assets outside of the DAM.. This allows you to better understand how your assets are performing and being used across different channels.

The asset level report includes details about the asset views outside of your Bynder DAM. You can filter by time frame, website, DAT Presets, and transformations.

How to enable asset level report?

If you are interested in enabling the Delivery Metrics: Asset Level Report, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Data is accessible to customers using DAT or public links who leverage Bynder’s Content Delivery Network (CDN). Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are unsure whether or not you’ve opted in.

How to view asset level report

  1. Either navigate or search for an asset and click it to be directed to the Asset detail page.

  2. Click the Statistics tab.

  3. Cick View Asset report at the bottom of the tab.

  4. Here, you can see the asset metrics:. Click the different sections to see:


Asset views refers to the number of times a DAT or public link asset is requested externally. The term 'view' is used in consistency with other analytics tools, such as Google Analytics with page views. Most websites nowadays follow lazy loading best practices, meaning that the content is only requested/shown when the user is going through that part of the page, not just when the page is first loaded.


The data will display for public links or DAT links outside of the DAM. (This does not include embedded links, collection shares, etc.

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