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Sitecore importer for Bynder Assets

We recommend using the Bynder Sitecore Connector instead of the Sitecore Importer. The Sitecore Connector makes use of the Bynder reference URLs and ensures that you automatically have the latest version of your Bynder assets reflected in your Sitecore content.​​

If you are a user of Sitecore CMS, you can use it together with Bynder. When your environment has been set up, you can import images, videos and documents from Bynder to use them in Sitecore. You can also sync with Bynder so that any changes made to the assets in Bynder are also visible in Sitecore.

If you are an admin, you can schedule a regular update task to automatically update the images in Sitecore with the changes made in Bynder.

Bynder plugin for Sitecore

You can import assets from Bynder into Bynder folders within Sitecore's media library. To do this, you connect to Bynder from Sitecore and select the assets in Bynder Compact View. You can use the filters available in your Bynder portal to find the assets you need.

If assets get updated in Bynder, you can run a synchronization task so that the assets are also updated in Sitecore.

After the assets from Bynder are imported to the Sitecore media library, they can be inserted in the Rich Text Editor and image fields.

Supported versions

The Sitecore versions 8.x - 9.1 are supported.

Derivatives used

When you import assets from Bynder to Sitecore the assets are imported with all their derivatives.

Use the plugin


  • Currently we don't support importing audio assets from Bynder to Sitecore.
  • Only basic asset information such as width, height and the MIME type are imported with the asset. Bynder metaproperties or tags are not imported.