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You can now use Bynder images in your Hootsuite environment. The plugin loads Bynder Compact View into Hootsuite allowing you to search for and pick the right image for your content.

You need to have a Bynder account to use the plugin.

Supported versions

We support all versions of Hootsuite.

Derivatives used

By default the Hootsuite integration uses the webimage derivative.

Installation and configuration

  1. Go to Hootsuite App Directory.
  2. Search for the Bynder app and install it. No additional configuration is necessary.

When the installation completes, Bynder widget will be added in Hootsuite Publisher under Content Sources.

Use the plugin

  1. Click Publisher > Content Sources.
  2. Click the Bynder widget.
  3. Provide your domain and log in to Bynder.

    You must allow pop-ups when logging in to Bynder from your Hootsuite account.
  4. Use the search to find the image you want to use. You can search on keywords, tags, and metaproperties.

  5. Click one or more images to select them and use in your Hootsuite content.
    Currently, we only support images.


The content that has been used in Hootsuite is not synced so if there is a new version of the image in Bynder, it will not be updated in Hootsuite.

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