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Add metaproperty options on upload

When you upload an asset and want to classify it better, you can add extra metaproperty options to the existing list and link them to the asset. This feature works for the metaproperty options of the select type.

If you use select2 metaproperty you cannot add new metaproperty options on upload or edit.

Try it

  1. Drag and drop your assets onto your browser window or click Upload image.
    1. Expand the metaproperty of the select type and click Add option.
      • Add metaproperty option screenshotAdd metaproperty option screenshot
  2. Enter the name, and, optionally, a description and a thumbnail for this metaproperty option.
    • adding metaproperty optionadding metaproperty option
  3. Click Add.


The metaproperty option will be automatically selected for this asset.

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