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Asset tagging

To help you classify and describe your assets better, you can tag them. You can search for and filter on specific tags, so tagging increases the visibility of assets to users. You can add tags manually, or get Bynder to tag assets for you using AI-based automated tags.

Bynder AI is powered by Rekognition, a service offered by Amazon Web Services.

Tag filtering

You can use the filter or search bar to filter on tags.

Filter bar

In the filter bar you can find the 25 most used tags. If automated tags are activated for your portal, you will also find the 25 most used automated tags there.

  1. Click to open the tag dropdown.
  2. Click the (automated) tag to filter on it.

Is the tag you're looking for not listed here? Use the search bar instead and search for the tag you want to filter on.

Search bar

  1. Enter the tag you' re looking for in the search bar. The tags that match your search results will be displayed in the All tags for ... section.
  2. Click the tag you want to filter on.

Click the thumbnail for a visual walkthrough

Manual tagging

You can add a tag on asset upload or when you edit an asset on the asset detail page. Click on your situation below for more instructions

Delete tags

To delete a tag, click the x symbol on the selected tag.

Tag management

You can manage your tags on the Settings > Taxonomy > Tags page. This page enables you to search for specific tags, and sort them as per name, date added, or the number of linked assets. You can also add or delete a tag, or edit its name.

Automated tags do not appear on the Tag management page.

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