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Mark assets as Limited usage to hide them from certain users

Limited usage is an option that you can enable for your digital assets, which hides them for users who do not have the permission to access these type of files. Media can be labeled Limited Use immediately, or until a particular date. When this date expires, Limited usage option is automatically removed, and the asset become available for everyone who has sufficient rights to the Asset Library. You can also decide who has rights to download limited assets.

You can define Limited use for assets on upload or when you are editing.

Before you begin

    1. Make sure you have set up rights for limited assets correctly. Go to Settings > Users & roles > Permission Management, select the profile for which you want to edit the rights and select the following:
      • select Access to media with limited usage for users to be able to view limited assets.
      • select Limited usage download for users to be able to download limited assets.
    2. We advise granting access to limited assets to specific heavy user groups only, such as account administrators or people in charge of content management, such as content or marketing managers.

Select the Limited usage option for assets

  1. Do one for the following:
    • If you are uploading an assets, open the Advanced Rights tab on the Upload page.
    • If you want t make an existing assets limited, click the assets in the Asset overview, and click the Edit tab on the Asset detail page. Then open the Advanced Rights tab.
  2. Select Limited usage.
  3. (Optional) If you want the Limited usage to expire, set the date and the time in the Expiration date field. After this date, all users who have the right to view assets in the Asset Library will be able to access this asset. The date displays in the rime zone of the user.
    If the user does not have the time zone set up for his/her account, the portal time zone is taken into account.
  4. Click Save or Store selected files.


Your changes might take a while to take effect. If you want to remove Limited usage, click on the asset to go to the Asset detail page, and click the Edit tab. Open the Advanced Rights tab and clear the Limited usage check box. After you save your changes, the asset will be visible for all users.

Allow users to view limited assets even if they do not have the right permissions

You might also use a setting that allows both logged-in and external users to see archived and limited assets if they are a part of a collection even though the users might not have the rights to view archived or limited assets.

Make sure you have this feature enabled for your account. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager for information and help with the setup.

Use case

Assets labeled as Limited Use are not yet considered active within the DAM. You can use the feature, for example, when you have assets for a new Spring campaign that are ready to be uploaded to the DAM, but should not be used until March 1st, at which point light users can gain access.

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