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Upload a new version or an additional file

You can use the Asset Detail page to upload new versions of assets. You can also use it to upload additional files, which might be, for example, a release form that photographer has attached to a photo.

If you want to upload a batch of versions for multiple assets, you can use the Mass Version Uploader. See Use the Mass Version Updater.

Try it

  1. In your Asset Library, click on the asset you want to update.
  2. Click the Versions tab.
  3. Add a version or an additional file.
The upload limit for additional files is 4GB.


The latest version will automatically become active after the upload is finished. You can switch between active versions by selecting the radio button. The new version is automatically set as the main version of the assets and the thumbnail is updated.

The versions available in the Versions tab on the Asset detail page display the exact time and date of the upload and are sorted from the latest to the oldest. In this way you always know which version is the newest.

  • The time and date format is displayed in the following format: DD-MM-YY HH:MM:SS.
  • UTC is the default timezone. This timezone is also used to arrange versions uploaded in different timezones.
  • The date and time is by default shown in the timezone of the user.

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