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Create, share and manage collections

When you have assets that are similar or belong to the same group you can assign them to the same collection. Then, instead of sharing single assets, you can share an entire collection both with external and internal users. When you share a collection with external users, you grant them access to access this media only. You can also navigate to the Collections tab to view all the collection that you have created, shared and received.

The Collections overview allows you to view and access collections that you have received, shared and published online, as well as your private collections. You can filter the overview to display the collections from a specific user and order the collections by date added and by name.

In the collection detail page, the collection owner can also see the full details of a collection. If the collection is shared or public, other users can only see the description.

Public collections

Public collections are those that can be shared with external users. You can make a collection public by creating an online link (see the Manage collections section) and sharing it. In this way external users will be able to view and download the original assets as well as the available derivatives.

By default any public derivatives that are set up for your portal are not available

Do you have public collections and are you concerned about whether they can be indexed by search engines? Read more about it here.

Permissions in collections

If you drill down to the details of a specific collection you can also manage permissions for this collection. The permissions granted on the collection level, overwrite those granted on the permission profile level. Managing permissions on the collection level, requires a specific feature.

You can also create a collection to share assets with the Hide by default metaproperty option, or limited or archived assets. If you share those assets in a collection, they will be visible to logged-in and not logged-in recipients. For more on Hide by default, see Add options to metaproproperties.

Another option when you share a collection is to allow users to share collections based on the rights of the sharer or the recipient. Alternatively, you can restrict this option so that only specific users can decide which rights should be applied to a shared collection. See Restrict collection access.

Managing permissions in collections is often tied in with specific features, so contact your Customer Success Manager about them.

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