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Share assets

This article explains the beta (soon to be released) version of our share screen. The screen may look slightly different on your side in case the beta version is not activated for your portal. Contact your Customer Success Manger if you want to have the beta share screen enabled for your portal.

With Bynder you can share your files with other portal users or with external people. You can also create a share link and share it with others. Several options allow you to control who can access your shared files. This way, all recipients will only get to see what they are allowed to access. Find out below how you can start sharing assets.

  1. Go to the Assets overview page.
  2. Select the asset(s) you would like to share and click the icon. The assets will be placed in a collection in order to be shared.

  3. Is (some of) the material you want to share archived, marked as limited usage or tagged with a hide-by-default metaproperty option? 
    To avoid any data or security breaches, consult your portal administrator prior to sharing your file(s) to check if archived, limited usage or hide-by-default material will be available and downloadable by default. Portal administrators can contact their Customer Success Manager, who is happy to assist in checking the current portal configuration.
  1. Enter a name for the collection in the New collection name field.
    When you create a collection with one file, the collection name will be pre-filled with the file name.
  2. Decide if you want to create a share link, so that anyone who has access to this URL can view the asset(s) or share the collection with people using their account name, email address or permission profile. Depending on your portal setup you may also be able to share the collection with user groups and permission profiles.
The following options only apply to the Share with people sharing option and do not apply to the share link.
  1. (Optional) Tick the Manage collection box if you want to allow the recipients to manage and edit the collection. This will make them sub-owner of the collection and for example allows them to add files to the collection, remove files from the collection, share the collection and to change the name of the collection.
  2. (Optional) Untick the Require login box if you don't want to force users to login in order to see the shared files.
    Make sure the Require login box is unticked when you share with external users.
  3. (Optional) Tick the Download in low resolution box if you want to allow the recipients to only be able to download the assets in low resolution. Depending on the setup of your portal, this option may not be available.
    Go to Settings > Bynder superadmin > Edit current account and enable the setting lowresshare in order to enable the Download in low resolution option for clients.

  4. (Optional) Switch the Start/ End date toggle to set up a start and/or end date for the share. Click the two fields that appear and use the date picker to set the date.
    Prior to the start date and after the end date the share cannot be accessed by the recipients.
  5. Click Share collection to share the selected assets. The recipients will receive an email with a link to the shared collection. In case you chose for a share link, you will be presented with a URL. Click Copy link to copy the URL and share it with others.