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How to set up Brand Guidelines?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager if Brand Guidelines are not enabled for your portal yet. They are happy to assist you in enabling this module for your portal.

Once Brand Guidelines are set up, you can configure which user profiles can manage guides and write content and which profiles should only have viewing rights.

Go to Go to Settings > Users & rights > Permission Management and set up the necessary permissions for the user profiles in your portal.

Manage Guidelines
Users with this permission can manage all published and unpublished guides and its content. This includes setting a cover image, managing access rights, changing the title or deleting a guide. The role is referred to as 'editors' and is intended for portal administrators.

Create Guidelines
Users with this permission can create guides with content, manage their own content and view published guides created by other users. They cannot manage or modify guides that have been created by others.

View Guidelines
Users with this permission can view the content of all published guides. They cannot add or edit any guides or content.

Now that your Brand Guidelines are set up you can start creating content. Check out the Quick Start Guide.