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Get your statistics from Bynder

You can use Bynder Insights functionality to get statistics to track user actions, jobs, and view different aspects of the media you store in your Asset Library. For example, you can see how many assets have been downloaded or which assets are downloaded or viewed most often. You can adjust the time frame for which you want to get your analytical data. Insights also give you the possibility to observe trends and export the data to CSV. You can also export statistics based on metaproperties to a CSV file. For example, you might want to know how many times an asset tagged with a specific metaproperty was downloaded.

Make sure you have this feature enabled for your account. Contact your Bynder Customer Success Manager for information and help with the setup.
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Access Insights

To access Insights, go to Settings > Account > Insights.

You need to have the Statistics permission to access Insights.


In Insights you can see the Media, Jobs and User data in different aspects. You can also add metrics to see the correlation of data.

You can view the following aspects of the data:

Media Job User


Tracking uploads done with regular and External Uploader.

Uploads from Mass Uploader or done using API are not tracked. Users who performed the upload are not tracked.

Job created

All workflow jobs created are counted. This includes the jobs created via the API.

New users

Users created through Add new users, Add multiple users or User access requests.

Assets deleted

Users who deleted the assets and the assets deleted using API are not tracked.

Job duration

Duration of all finished jobs is calculated. Updated also if a job is finished via the API.


All regular and SSO logins are counted.


Tracking views on the Asset detail page but not on the overview page.

Job revisions

Loggs when a job is sent back a stage. This includes the jobs sent back via the API.


Counts logouts but not timeouts.

File downloads

If the user selects 10 assets, this is counted as 10 downloads. Derivatives and originals are counted as downloads.

Revision rounds finished

Loggs each time a job is sent back a stage and then forward again.


10 files selected and downloaded by one user counts as one download action.

Files archived

The files archived through API are not tracked.

Data drilldown

Apart from viewing collective data, you can perform data drilldown. For example, from the list of created jobs, you can click a specific job name to see the details of that job. You can also click the Filename in Uploads, Views, Downloads and Files archived to see specific assets.

The data in Insights is updated on a daily basis.

If the fillename hyperlink is inactive, it might mean that the asset has been removed.

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