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Set permissions on metaproperty option level

Apart from defining permissions on the permission profile level, you can set permissions for specific metaproperty options. In this way, you can decide, for example, to hide specific assets that have been tagged with the selected metaproperty options from users, who normally have the right to view assets in their portal. You can also decide that specific users or user groups should not have the possibility to tag an asset with the selected metaproperty option when they edit or upload assets.

Before you begin

  • You need to have the Metaproperty options management rights to perform this task.

Try it

  1. Go to Settings > Taxonomy > Metaproperties management.
    Use the search bar in the right top corner to search for specific metaproperty options. Enter the name or label of the option you’re looking for and click Search. Click Reset to show all options again.
  2. Click the icon next to view the options of this metaproperty.
  3. To edit access for a metaproperty option, click the icon for the selected metaproperty option.
  4. Select the right security access option.

Use cases

Approve media in this option: It might happen that see a large number of assets that are uploaded into the Waiting room. By setting up approvers per metaproperty you can limit the number to only relevant assets per user.

For example, all assets that are uploaded to the metaproperty option of Department A will be approved by Manager A of Department A and the assets that are uploaded to the metaproperty option of Department B will be approved by the Manager of Department B. Also, Manager B will not see the assets Manager A is approving.

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