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Types of user profiles in Bynder

Bynder categorizes users into three groups: Light, Regular and Heavy users. The exact number of seats per user profile that you have at your disposal is specified in your contract.

Whether a user is a Regular, Light or a Heavy user depends on the set of rights they have. If a user group has one or more rights that belong to the rights of the Heavy user, the group belongs to Heavy users. If a group does not have any of the rights of the Heavy users, but it does have one or more rights that belong to Regular users, the group will belong to the Regular users. Similarly, if a user or a user group does not have any rights that are typical of the regular or heavy users, then this user or a user group belongs to the Light user group. Within the Regular, Light or Heavy profile type, you can create subgroups, such as the Asset Library user or Creative Workflow user.

To help you monitor how many active users there are in each profile, you can verify the numbers on the Permissions page. The count displays active users against all users of a specific profile. Click the profile hyperlink to view the list of all active and inactive users.

Rights of Light, Regular and Heavy users

Bynder has a default set of rights that defines the Heavy and Regular user profile type. You can customize this default setting by adding or subtracting rights from the profile types. However, when you upgrade users by giving them more rights, they can move, for example, from Regular to Heavy users. If you reach your user limit, you might have to deactivate some users or contact your Customer Support Manger to extend the number of users per user profile type. The rights that are not mentioned in the table do not influence the user profile type.

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